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About Uncle Ant

Uncle Ant Container Line is based in the Philippines and China

Committed to developing the Philippine market for cross-border e-commerce companies

A platform company that provides one-stop solutions and comprehensive services

Company address in Shenzhen, China & Manila, Philippines

Uncle Ant's service tenet:save worry, effort, and money
Philippine e-commerce small package
Specially designed exclusive logistics and transportation solutions for goods, specializing in the transportation of general goods, electronic goods and sensitive goods!
  • Many types of transportable goods, less restrictions
  • Faster delivery of logistics 1-3 days to sign
  • Free first weight
  • Provide Shenzhen fixed collection point in China, Operate a drop shipping
  • Intelligent system connection,Realize one-click order forecasting

Domestic and international logistics

Uncle AntContainer Line can provideone-stop domestic and international logistics services for cross-border e-commerce sellersincluding domestic and international logistics,Export customs declaration and import customs clearance, overseas warehouses in the Philippines, and last-mile delivery in the Philippines, etc.There are collection warehouses in China. Cross-border sellers only need to send the goods to the collection warehouse, and the goods will be delivered to consumers safely and on time.

  • Buy goods on various platforms
  • Delivery to domestic container warehouse
  • Warehouse management picking and packing
  • Pass application, customs clearance,Send to overseas warehouse
  • Customs declaration, shipping
  • terminal delivery

Philippine overseas warehouse

  • 01

    Service advantage

    One-stop professional service, guided by customer needs, from quotation, transportation, space booking to customs declaration and inspection, tailor-made, worry-free throughout the process
  • 02

    Informatization advantage

    Informatization network management, establishment of operation guarantee system, synchronization of logistics information, whole-process positioning management of transportation, real-time feedback of goods status by SMS and email
  • 03

    Price advantage

    Reasonable and transparent quotation plan, no intermediate links, accurate cost details, never increase the price, avoid the trap of falsely high quotation
  • 04

    Logistics advantage

    Control the cargo process, from booking, packing, customs declaration to shipment real-time monitoring, dynamic tracking, full material positioning
  • 05

    Team Advantage

    Modern management team, senior professionals with strong ground operation ability and rich experience in handling special goods
  • 06

    Value-added service advantages

    Including customs clearance and customs duties at the destination port, formulating multi-channel flexible routes, providing one-stop customs clearance, logistics, tax refund and other comprehensive services, including door-to-door services
The company's business purpose: service first, customer first, pursuit of excellence, dedication to perfection

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