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E-commerce small package

1. The drop shipping system does not want to: package and ship, and send it to the MS logistics warehouse. For example, Ant's international logistics has a series of SOP processes, similar to the operation team, and the expertise is passed down from generation to generation, supporting the generation of warehouses at home and abroad. In terms of business, there is no need to manually pack the warehouse in the house, and there is no need to recruit people, saving labor costs and warehouse rent;

2. Philippine collection service: fast delivery, good user experience, unified delivery to the company's global container warehouse, cost savings, real-time logistics when customers place orders, such as Hongyun cargo, Hongyun logistics quickly build warehouses, process customer products, and purchase for customers for the second time , WMS system maritime data visualization;

3. Customer service: help customers deal with abnormal package delivery and after-sales problems, and provide the receipt rate;

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