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1. The company is not responsible for the delay, loss, destruction or confiscation of goods caused by force majeure, such as customs inspection, war, riot, bad weather, flight delay, plane crash, typhoon, fire, flood, major traffic accident, natural or man-made serious disasters, various situations beyond the control of the company or confiscation caused by the shipper or you.

2. The company shall not be liable for any indirect loss or other non subjective loss caused by the delay or loss of goods delivery.

3. The company shall not be liable for the delay, error and loss of goods transportation caused by the following reasons:
1) Due to the shipper or your reasons, such as wrong address, incomplete address, wrong telephone number, etc; The address of the recipient is changed or the region that cannot be delivered.
2) Because the consignor or the goods entrusted by you have violated the prohibition of relevant national policies and decrees, such as flammable, explosive, easy to pollute, easy to corrode and toxic powders, water agents and other dangerous goods.
3) All kinds of losses caused by undeclared and improper packaging by the shipper or you.

4. Since the logistics service of our company is based on the packaging when the goods are received and sent after merging, if the packaging of the goods itself is not proper and does not meet the requirements for safe transportation of goods, or the goods with special substances (such as important goods, easily damaged goods, etc.) are marked to our company, the shipper or you shall be responsible for the damage and the responsibility arising therefrom.

5. In order to protect the rights and interests of customers, in addition to the inspection of goods carried at the request of government departments and transportation departments or the regular random sampling survey of the company, the domestic logistics transfer station of the company will not open the package of goods for members to check the quantity or quality of goods when signing for customers. The company shall not be liable for any loss caused by the quantity, nature and characteristics of the articles.

Handling of lost parts:

1. If any shipment is lost, please email to service@uncle -ant. Www.68mn. After verification, if the lost parts are actually logistics transportation problems, the maximum amount of compensation is three times the freight.  

2. The scope of guarantee only includes the ant uncle warehouse to the designated address in the destination country.

3. Excluding the consignor's delivery to Uncle ant warehouse.

4. If not, please go to service@uncle -ant. Com email application, the company will decide whether to make compensation after review. The maximum compensation is three times the freight and does not exceed the actual value of the goods.

5. Any claim must be sent to the customer service email address of the company by email within 24 hours after signing service@uncle -ant. Com declaration.
A. Ant uncle net sign receipt
B. Screenshot of shopping certificate
C. Customer contact number
D. Uncle ant yunwang account
E. If it is sent to the designated address, the relevant address certificate shall be submitted
F. Photos of the outer package when signing in (clear order number is required)

6. In case of late declaration, the company will be deemed to have completed the delivery as required and will no longer accept it.
7. After arriving at the port and finding the lost goods, our company will arrange to resend them. The found goods are not within the scope of compensation and will not be compensated.  
8. In case of any dispute, the company will reserve the right of final decision.  

Damage treatment
1. The customer is obliged to have good communication with the seller to ensure that the goods carried are equipped with internal and external packaging or containers with sufficient durability, strong toughness and sufficient thickness, so as to avoid damage or loss of goods due to improper packaging during transportation; The package shall be provided with sufficient and appropriate protective materials, and the box or outer package shall be integrated with the protective materials, cushioning materials and contents of the goods; If there are multiple contents, there shall be no sound caused by friction, collision, extrusion or shaking between the contents and the inner wall of the outer package. The company will not make any compensation for any damage to the goods due to inconsistent packaging or fragile items during transportation.   

Logistics claim details
1. It usually takes about 10 working days to complete the compensation after determining the establishment of the claim case.
2. All compensation amounts shall be settled in RMB.
3. All compensation amounts will be transferred to Uncle ant's account, and no refund will be accepted.  

Freight payment
1. The order freight payment needs to be paid in the wallet of the member of the autonomous centralized transportation system.
2. In case of any dispute, uncle ant will reserve the final decision.  

Relevant customer receiving address
1. The logistics company will not deliver goods on Sundays or public holidays.
2. In order to protect customers, the logistics company will only deliver goods according to the address on the order.  
3. The address cannot be changed after the order is confirmed
4. If the customer provides other work or residential addresses that are not the receiving person, the company will not be responsible for any problems in the delivery of goods.  
5. The designated address for delivery is "residential area", which needs to be delivered downstairs. The dispatcher will contact the recipient by telephone - the delivery address is "industrial and commercial area", and the contact arrangement before delivery will not be provided temporarily- If it is necessary to contact before delivery, the customer can mark the last position of the delivery address when filling in the delivery address.  
6. If there is no elevator at the designated address required by the customer, the logistics company will not go upstairs for delivery and will contact the customer to pick up the goods on the ground.  
7. In order to maintain the stability of delivery service quality, the company will start the quota mechanism according to the cargo flow and delivery status of individual distributors.
8. Non delivery area: outlying island area, post office box, central mailbox, bank mailbox, site parts (site parts are not delivered by EMS), etc

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